Tilt-Wall Buildings & Tilt-Up Construction

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Tilt-Up Construction Process

Most tilt-up constructions will follow a schedule similar to this:

  • Preparation of the site and pounding slab
  • Assembly of the panel forms on the slab -- the panel forms provide the panels’ exact size and shape based on the design specifications
  • Steel grid installation
  • Concrete gets poured into the forms to create the panels
  • "Tilt-up” process – Solidified concrete panels get tilt up from the slab into a vertical position with the help of a crane
  • Application of finishes (sandblasting or painting)
  • Roof Installation

Benefits of Tilt-Wall Buildings

Tilt-up buildings can be done in almost any size. Building sizes range from 5,000 to over 1.5 million square feet. Here are some of the benefits of Tilt-up concrete construction:

  • Attractiveness – Patterns or texture can be added to the panels
  • Efficiency – Panels are prefabricated
  • Cost-effective
  • Durability – Concrete walls make for a strong and durable building
  • Low Maintenance – Concrete buildings are less subject to damage and easy to wash down
  • Safe Installation – Main part of the construction work is done on the ground

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