Soil Stabilization

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What is Soil Stabilization?

During soil stabilization the soil properties will be changed to improve strength and durability of the soil. Soil stabilization can be done to increase the load bearing capacity of a subgrade to support foundations and pavements. Stabilized soil will have a greatly improved weight bearing capability, and it will also be more resistant to being damaged by water, frost, or inclement conditions.

There are a number of soil stabilization techniques -- some over 1000 years old and still employed (or at least their main principals) -- depending on the project requirements the choice will be between the following:

Soil Stabilization Techniques

  • Mechanical Stabilization: Soil properties will be changed physically (mechanically), surface will be ‘packed’ with the help of heavy weight
  • Chemical Stabilization: An additive will be added to the soil such as cement, lime stone or even recycled concrete
  • Polymer Stabilization: Polymer-based stabilizers will be added to the soil

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