Rock Roads

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What is a Rock Road?

A rock or gravel road is a type of unpaved road surfaced with gravel that has been brought to the site from a quarry or stream bed.

Good Reasons to Build Rock Roads

Low initial cost – rock roads provide one of the most economic solutions available for surfacing an area. While they do generally require more frequent maintenance, Concrete Construction of Houston has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the job is done properly and that the rock roads we build will serve their purpose for many years to come.

Reliable all year round in any weather – unlike simple dirt roads, rock roads are well suited for regular grading, a process that produces an enhanced camber to encourage rainwater to drain off the road; they are also better suited for drainage ditches and embankments. Roads built from inferior materials such as dirt or clay are far more likely to erode quickly, become waterlogged, and become impassable after heavy rain, even to off-road vehicles.

If travel by vehicles will be seldom and does not require high speed – nothing will cause a roadway—paved, gravel, or otherwise—to deteriorate more quickly than extended use by automobiles. And this concern is especially large for rock roads which can wear quickly under high strain, break apart and throw debris. While occasional and careful use of vehicles is acceptable, considerations for this should be made ahead of time, especially in regards to maintenance.


Rock roads require much more frequent maintenance than paved roads, especially after wet periods and when accommodating increased traffic. Wheel motion shoves material to the outside (as well as in-between travelled lanes), leading to rutting, reduced water-runoff, and eventual road destruction if unchecked. As long as the process is interrupted early enough, simple re-grading is sufficient, with material being pushed back into shape. Please contact Concrete Construction of Houston for any help or information you need to ensure your rock road is maintained properly.

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