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Concrete Construction of Houston builds office buildings of any size -- for any use -- for clients in Houston and South/Central Texas. No office building is too big or too small.

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We can take on your project at any stage -- from an idea in your head to complete engineered drawings you need built to specifications.

Types of Office Buildings

When most people think about an office building, they typically think of one with a single suite—something with a reception area, a conference room, and a few individual rooms/offices. However, there are actually a fairly wide variety of office space types, each designed for different kinds of companies at various stages of growth. Here are some of the main types:

  • Traditional - Think law firms, accounting offices, and any other traditional business type seeking a more corporate look and feel. These typically have a reception area at the entrance, several individual offices, and a conference area along with a wet pantry and an open area for cubicles.
  • Tech/Creative Space – These have become increasingly popular over the past 2-3 years. They incorporate more open space with less individual rooms and more area for work stations. Less square footage is allocated per person, but there is typically more room for lounge/meeting areas and it is all in the name of an open work environment that encourages and fosters collaboration.
  • Executive Suite - A fully serviced office solution whereby an individual or very small organization (usually up to 4 people) rent a single office as part of what is commonly a full floor of space rented by one organization that then licenses out individual spaces to other companies.
  • Co Working Space - Think Executive suite space but with more of an open and creative look and feel to them. Co Working offers very flexible terms and the convenience of a reception area and shared conference rooms, break areas, etc. but is almost always in a wide open space. Many Co Working spaces do offer individual rooms for larger outfits, but they are primarily geared towards smaller/start up companies looking for desk space.

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Considerations for Office Buildings

CCoH understands that an office building must provide flexible and technologically-advanced working environments that are safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible. It must be able to accommodate the specific space and equipment needs of the tenant. Special attention should be made to the selection of interior finishes and art installations, particularly in entry spaces, conference rooms and other areas with public access.

Furthermore, we understand what the tenants of office buildings value the most, and we emphasize those design considerations, including worker productivity, security, and the ability to renovate and change environments quickly and economically.

Office Building Additions & Customization

For clients who need construction on or around existing office buildings, we offer the following services:

Ground-Up Metal Building Construction

We handle all details of your office building construction from start to finish. From clearing your land and laying a concrete slab to constructing your office building we manage the complete process. We can even finish the interior offices or living spaces.

We can handle part or all of the office building construction process.

Since 1947, Concrete Construction of Houston has been building concrete and metal building projects for industrial, commercial, government, and residential construction.

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