Metal Building Contractors in Houston, TX

Metal Building Construction Services

We build metal buildings of any size -- for any use -- for clients in Houston and South/Central Texas. No metal building is too big or too small. See the images on this page.

We also install concrete foundations for metal buildings in Houston.

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We can take on your project at any stage -- from an idea in your head to complete engineered drawings you need built to specifications.

Types of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are exceptionally adaptable for almost any use. We build metal buildings for:

We can manage your construction from beginning to end.

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Metal Building Additions & Customization

For clients who need construction on or around existing metal buildings, we offer the following services:

  • Additions of Rooms or Levels
  • Workspace Re-Designs
  • Door Additions (any size)
  • Office Construction & Build Outs
  • Machine Foundations (for new equipment)
  • Window Additions
  • Sky-Lights
  • Enlargements
  • Concrete Work
  • Any Metal Building Customization

Ground-Up Metal Building Construction

We handle all details of your metal building construction from start to finish. From clearing your land and laying a concrete slab to constructing your metal building we manage the complete process.  We can even finish the interior offices or living spaces.

We can handle part or all of the metal building construction process.

Since 1947, Concrete Construction of Houston has been building concrete and metal building projects for industrial, commercial, government, and residential construction.


Benefits of Metal Buildings

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Metal buildings are often the most cost-effective choice for additional commercial, residential, or industrial space. The reasons are simple.

Long Lasting

Metal buildings are not susceptible to attack by termites and other wood-boring insects and the materials are painted, coated, or produced with rust-resistant materials and/or processes. Metal buildings last decade after decade with minimal maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Metal buildings require very little maintenance to remain in good working order. Your metal building's roof and exterior walls will probably never need to be repaired or replaced and forget about the rotting boards of a wood structure. Metal buildings are exceptionally cost-effective to maintain.


Metal buildings are affordable upon construction and over their complete lifecycles. The design and construction methods used today save costs with pre-assembled components and fast construction opportunities.

Flexible Interior

The interior of metal buildings is exceptionally flexible because the structural integrity of the building is often designed into the outside walls. This means adding or removing an interior wall to accommodate your workspace needs is simple and low cost.

Get as Estimate for Your Metal Building

No metal building project is too big or too small. We build any type of metal buildings in Houston and the Greater Houston Metro area.

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