Machine Foundations & Machine Shops

Concrete Construction of Houston has built a number of machine shops within the Houston and South/Central Texas area. Call us at (713) 988-6506 or contact us online to learn more about machine shops and machine foundation pads.

Machine Foundation Details

Machine Foundations need to be structurally sound in order to support large machinery for the lifetime of its operation. Therefore, the right design is key for any machine foundation project. To design and build a proper foundation pad, four main factors need to be taken in consideration:

  • Static load (the structural load of the machinery)
  • Dynamic load
  • Operating frequency
  • Elastic properties of the ground you build on

Types of Machine Foundations

The type of machine your shop operates will determine the specific type of foundation you should have installed.  For example, low speed, impulsive machines are usually constructed with Block type foundations, whereas Framed type foundations are typically used for higher speed machines.   Having the right foundation will protect your machine, your shop's general foundation, and provide better maintenance access.

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These are the most common types of machine foundation projects we take on:

  • Block Type
  • Box Type (Caisson)
  • Flexible (Non-Rigid)
  • Framed Type
  • Wall Type

Concrete Machine Foundations

We at Concrete Construction of Houston know about the dependability of a sound foundation to keep heavy machinery working properly and lasting. Once the design details are figured out, we make sure to meet all structural guidelines and requirements to build your machine shop foundation to last.

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