Fix Drainage Problems

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Wet, Wet, Wet

Does your lawn remain wet even though it hasn’t rained? Are there isolated areas in your lawn that have puddles of water or patches of grass that are soggy? All of those can be indications of drainage problems.

Over watering or irrigation issues in general can lead to aresa of excess water in your yard. Not all cases of excess water are drainage related.

What Causes Drainage Problem

Lawn drainage problems can happen for a variety of different reasons including:

  • Lack of outlets: Water (rain water or irrigation water) needs to have enough exits to make its way out of the soil.
  • Low points in your lawn: Puddles of water form easily because of low points in your lawn.
  • Too much thatch in your lawn: Thatch are dead stems and roots that are in your lawn. If you have too many of them, the soil under your lawn can get compacted and dry which makes it difficult for the water to run through.

Reasons to Fix Drainage Problems

  • Not being able to enjoy your lawn: Too much water in your lawn may lead to wet and muddy areas.
  • Too much water for your plants and grass: Depending on the vegetation you chose for your outside or green area, too much water can hurt certain plants and flowers.
  • Problems with building's foundation: If water drains towards your home/building, it can weaken the structure underneath the house. A weakened foundation is very unsafe.

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