Colored Concrete

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Colored Concrete Options

The great thing about concrete is that it can assume almost any shape, pattern, texture, and color. Especially the color variation for concrete is huge. Whether you are looking for a subtle color to blend in with nature or create something bright and bold, plain grey concrete can be turned into almost any color and shade.

In addition to just coloring, decorative effects can be added or multi-colored designs can be created.

Why Colored Concrete

The great variety in colors and designs may be the biggest reason to choose colored concrete but there are a number of other reasons:

  • Affordable -- compared to flagstones, bricks, or tile.
  • Visually Separate Large Areas – the use of multiple colors can help breaking up large areas.
  • Hide Future Stains – a darker concrete color can hide oil and grease stains, tire marks or dirt.
  • Mimic Nature – chose color schemes to blend with nature

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